Libertine Fine Jewelry Salon - Indian Wells CA

Cheetah enamel and crystal jewel box

Libertine CollectionOther

$35.00Shipping Cost: $10.00

Color(s): BrownGoldGreenOrangeOrder ID: 3854G

Weight: 1-5/8          Size: 2

Length: 2-1/4

What better place to keep your favorite studs than in the belly of this beast. Open the crystal jeweled cheetah below the neck to reveal its secret golden yellow enameled compartment. Green crystal eyes keep watch while a hinge at the base of the tail is the only clue to its contents. Features a magnetized closure and butterscotch-colored crystals over the jag's brown spots. Other jewel box critters, fruits, sealife and animals available. Call for details.

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