Libertine Fine Jewelry Salon - Indian Wells CA

Blue topaz and diamond ring

Libertine Collection14-karat white gold

$675.00Shipping Cost: $25.00

Color(s): BlueColorlessWhiteOrder ID: 3927R

Weight: 5.02 carat blue topaz, 12 diamonds = 0.09 carats total weight          Size: 7 to 7-1/4

Length: N/A

Heart-stopping cushion shape blue topaz ring sparkles from checkerboard faceting flanked by diamonds. Gallery detailing features split shank, fine gold texturing and piercing that lets light shine in and brilliance out. The 5.02 center stone measures 10mm across (~5/8" square) and rests on a polished shank. Side view shows a flush surface to curved gold edges for no-snag wear. Can be sized (no more than one size up or down generally recommended). Vibrant and cool blue color suits many wardrobe pieces and always looks great with jeans. Topaz is an alternate November birthstone.

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