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The Libertine® collection of tungsten rings from Titanium Designs, Inc. are contemporary choices for 21st century lifestyles. Here are a few reasons why, with tips for tungsten wear and care.

Tungsten is the heaviest metal in the world. Its hardness is on par with that of sapphire, meaning that only a diamond (or synthetic moissanite) can scratch it. 

While its density contributes to tungsten's strength, a tungsten ring can still be broken if hit in just the right way or hit hard enough. Blows such as these can fracture or chip a diamond too. Hardness and toughness are different properties, exemplified by comparing glass (hard) to plastic (tough). Harder substances are more scratch resistant while tougher materials resist breakage or chipping.

Tungsten and the lighter-weight metal titanium are perfect nouveau jewelry materials for very active men and women. Whether you're a construction worker, mechanic, weight-lifter or just a person who enjoys a rugged lifestyle, these metals are for you.

More tungsten facts:

  • Tungsten was discovered in 1779 by Peter Woulf for whom its atomic symbol W was assigned
  • Tungsten is Swedish for "heavy stone"
  • Tungsten carbide is 9 on the Mohs hardness scale (diamond is hardest at 10)
  • Tungsten melts at 6,192°F, about four times the melting point of gold
  • Tungsten is used in professional throwing darts to impart the heaviness you feel
  • In an emergency, a tungsten ring can be broken off either by using a diamond-edge saw blade fit for a standard ring cutter. Or, by applying a large amount of pressure on two opposite sides of a ring as with a mounted table vice, the ring will crack off.
  • If you like your ring to look perfect all the time and over time, tungsten is the metal for you


Avoid harsh chemicals such as ammonia or ammonia-containing commercial cleaners such as Windex when cleaning your tungsten ring. Usually all that is required is a wipe with a lint-free microfiber cloth like the type used to clean eyeglasses. Try mild soap and water work to remove dirt or grime.

Wear your tungsten ring and head for the great outdoors, a swim, rock climbing or the gym. Or, wear it to give your wedding band a break when you want to engage in activities that might scratch or damage gold or platinum.

When you're ready for a scratch-resistant ring that's black and possess the lightness of titanium, check out our latest black ceramic carbide collection.